Ricker Rumblings

8 years ago

By Lois Downing

Hello, everyone. Nothing to complain about this week. The weather has been favorable. We are glad to have escaped the blizzard of Washington, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Have you seen Lavina Byron’s door recently? It is covered with pictures of her family and friends. Speaking of Lavina, she had a visit from her sister, Norma Bates, from Madigan Estates one day last week. They passed their time having a game of Scrabble, a favorite of theirs.

Here is an update on my brother, Paul Phelan, almost 95, whom I brag about occasionally. He fell at his home in Westbrook, went to the hospital for several days, received a new pacemaker, cane, and a sling for his injured shoulder and is now in rehab, where he will stay until he is stronger. Get better, Paul.

Have you heard anything about not broadcasting the basketball tournament in Bangor? We will be among the ones who are disappointed if it is not broadcast.

We have a new tenant, but I don’t have her name.

Have a good week, full of love and joy and good health.