7 years ago

The weekly meeting of TOPS was held June 10 at the Aldergate Building on Kelleran Street in Houlton.

There were 11 TOPS members and one KOPS member present. The loser of the week was Brenda Lacostic; runners-up were Diane Folsom and C.J. The skinny dish was won by Barbara Whited.

Members discussed the workshop scheduled for June 18 and plans were finalized.

The group did exercises, led by Barbara Troy, which were very easy and fun.

Charlotte Marley presented the program on “Chew to Lose Weight,” which focused on the importance of chewing your food. The more one chews, the more one notices the flavors, and eating without distraction can help one enjoy food more.

The group reflected that encouragement and praise are so important for us at TOPS, but also for everyone. Do you know someone who needs a helping hand? Send a card, make a phone call or even an email. You will feel better and they will, too.

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