Troop F Report

8 years ago

Editor’s Note: An arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at criminal proceedings.

The Maine State Police Troop F barracks in Houlton responded to 140 calls for service from Monday, June 13 to Monday, June 20.


Monday, June 13

– Trooper Matt Curtin stopped a vehicle for a headlight out in Fort Kent and found the passenger had an active warrant for failing to appear in Madawaska District Court. The 20-year-old Madawaska man was arrested without incident.


Wednesday, June 15

– Cpl. Michaud was called to a criminal mischief complaint in Westfield where a man found his garage door window had been broken sometime earlier that morning. Cpl. Michaud found that a local neighbor had been taken to the hospital after he was hallucinating and looking in people’s homes. Once the homeowner found out the circumstances he did not want to pursue charges and advised he would work it out with his neighbor.


Thursday, June 16

– Tr. Endre and Recruit Adams stopped a vehicle for speeding on Route 1 in Littleton. When Trooper Endre had met the vehicle a male was driving the vehicle. The driver and passenger then swapped seats prior to troopers stopping the vehicle. After a short investigation the male operator admitted that he was driving, the male was arrested for operating after revocation as well as violating conditions of release and was transported to the Aroostook County Jail.

-Trooper Levesque is investigating a criminal mischief complaint in Mapleton. The victim stated she was being harassed by two men after she had run out of gas. The woman believes it was one or both of the men that slashed her tires. The incident is still being investigated.

– Trooper Luce and Recruit Desrosier stopped a man for a traffic infraction in Woodland. It was found that the man had a suspended driver’s license and an active warrant for his arrest. The warrant was for failing to appear in court on a theft charge initiated by Presque Isle Police Department. The man was arrested and later released on bail.

– Cpl Hafford met a vehicle on Route 162 in St. Agatha and recognized the operator to be operating after suspension. Cpl Hafford summonsed the 27-year-old male for OAS.

– While on patrol in Littleton, Cpl. Quint observed a pickup that was displaying a 2016/17 blue inspection certificate, but suspected it was fraudulent due to the color of the sticker. The vehicle was stopped and the driver/vehicle owner admitted the inspection certificate was fake and that it was a photograph. Cpl. Quint scraped the sticker from the man’s truck and issued him a criminal summons for the violation.


Friday, June 17

– Cpl. Michaud was on patrol on Route 1 in Presque Isle when an oncoming vehicle swerved into his lane. The vehicle was stopped and the operator found to be under the influence of alcohol after performing poorly on sobriety tests. The 53-year-old Presque Isle man was arrested and taken to the Presque Isle Police Department where he was charged with OUI.

– Tr. Endre and Recruit Adams stopped a vehicle in Oakfield for an equipment defect. While speaking to the operator Tr. Endre could smell the odor of intoxicating beverages, the operator admitted to drinking, the operator also had beer and a bottle of liquor on the front seat. After testing, the 54-year-old male was arrested for OUI and transported to the Aroostook County Jail.

– Tr. Luce and Recruit Desrosier are investigating a reported burglary in St. Francis. The victim reported that his property is near the Heritage Trail and he has a shed on his land. The man said someone keeps breaking in and stealing his beer. Recently the man reported he had found some drug paraphernalia near his shed. Tr. Luce and Recruit Desrosier are still investigating the incident.


Saturday, June 18

– Cpl Hafford responded to an assault in Portage. After investigation Cpl. Hafford summonsed a 28-year-old female for assault on a 29-year-old female after the two got into an argument at Portage Lake and the assault occurred.

– Trooper Sylvia responded to Drew Plt for a trespassing complaint into a storage unit. The juvenile was confronted and searched by the caller then released. Nothing was taken, but it appeared the unit was entered through an unlocked window. The case remains under investigation.

– Trooper Saucier received information on a bail violation from earlier in the day that Trooper Endre investigated in Patten. The father of the 22-year-old man called advising his son was at his residence in Island Falls. Tr. Saucier responded and while conducting a drug test the man fled on foot. Tr. Sylvia and K-9 Merry responded and the man could not be located in the immediate vicinity. Troopers are working with the family to locate the man who is now facing two bail violations as well as escape charges.

– Trooper Saucier was traveling northbound on the South Patten Road in Patten when he met a small car traveling southbound at 66 mph in a 35-mph zone, while passing a pickup. Trooper Saucier turned to stop the car which he lost sight of after both vehicles crested a hill. After cresting the hill Tr. Saucier saw the small car was well ahead of the pickup and the car was traveling at 102 mph and the pickup at 86 mph in a 50-mph zone. Tr. Saucier stopped both vehicles and the car was being operated by a male, age 17 and the pickup by a female, age 17. Both were friends and had just left the same place. Trooper Saucier made contact with their parents and they were appreciative of the call. Tr. Saucier kept their licenses and made arrangements to meet with the juveniles and their parents to issue criminal summons as he was headed to a disorderly subject who also had an active warrant at the time.


Sunday, June 19

– Trooper Luce and Sgt. Haines responded to Presque Isle to assist PIPD with a report of people fighting where a knife was mentioned. Additional information suggested there were a bat or pipe and possibly a chain also used. Trooper Luce arrived and was met by two groups of hostile people with over 12 people yelling back and forth. A 42-year-old Presque Isle woman was arrested for trespassing by Tr. Luce. The remaining people were given disorderly or trespass warnings and told to go inside for the night. PIPD is continuing the investigation.


Monday, June 20

-Tr. Saucier was called to respond to Carver Street in Patten for the second time in the shift for a family fight. Both times the male party, who has a warrant, left prior to Trooper Saucier’s arrival and he was unable to be located in the immediate area. No crime was committed during either incident.