Panthers shrug off slow start to mount victories

7 years ago

MARS HILL, Maine — After a one year absence due to lack of participants, the Central Aroostook Panthers are again competing on the diamond.

Julie Conrad is coach of the Panthers and she is very familiar with the players as she coached at the middle level three years.

The Panthers are a young team, with only three players bringing previous varsity experience. The team weathered an 0-4 start and went into this final week with a 6-6 record. CA is currently in eighth place in Class D North.

Leading the way will be juniors Keara McCrum, Isabelle Wright and Caitlyn Harris. McCrum plays in the infield at either shortstop or third base. Wright handles first base and Harris is the starting pitcher.

The sophomore class includes Annika Nicholas, Morgan Price, Auracle Cutting and Kealee Tarbox. Nicholas sees time as a middle infielder as well as in the outfield, while Price, Cutting, and Tarbox will primarily play in the outfield.

The freshman class includes Mersaydez Johnston, Breann Bradbury, Sydney Garrison and Macey Coffin. Bradbury catches, while Johnston plays in the outfield. Garrison and Coffin can play in the infield, the outfield, and may even spend some time on the mound.

Eighth-graders Maddison Coffin and Maci Beals round out the team. Coffin is an outfielder while Beals sees time at shortstop and third base and is capable of pitching.