Pet Talk (week of June 5, 2017)

Cathy Davis, Special to The County
7 years ago

“There is nothing to do around here,” I hear all the time. And I chuckle. Because there is always something to do. There are fun runs and runs for charities and benefit suppers and beer fests and fly-ins and midnight madness and agricultural fair and on it goes, always something to do.

Well, mark your calendar because another fun event has just been added: “Fun Fur A Day,” Saturday, June 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the animal shelter. On this date we will have kids games and animals to meet and greet, such as Joy and two other donkeys from “A LIFE LINE.” We will have a small animal petting zoo, perennial plants for sale, and you can plan to eat lunch with us as we will be offering hot dogs, soda and chips for just $3.

You can purchase some raffle tickets (anybody want a drone or a huge flat-screen TV?) or maybe you’d like to wander around with a great big ice cream cone and just visit.

We will be offering tours of the building — you will not believe the changes in the last 12 months — and we will be introducing our adoptable pets. WHOU will broadcast live, and if we are really, really lucky, we may have a special treat for you. I don’t want to reveal the details too early but let’s just say I am saving up my pennies because if this all works out, I will spend a week’s pay to participate in this part of the event.

We have held these events in the past and have had such a great time visiting with all those who stop in and just sharing our excitement about the success stories, the adoptions, the foster program, the volunteer program, the changes in the board, all the things going on that we want to be able to show you. We will have our visitors’ book available for anybody who wishes to see it, which contains shelter bylaws, financial information, minutes of meetings and all state and federal forms, to answer any questions you may have about operations.

But mostly, we will be there to just let our hair down, share some fun time with you, let you bring your kids out to pet a donkey or play a game or have a hot dog.

Please join us, and if you have any items that you would like to share with us — perhaps you would like to bring out some perennials for us to sell, or maybe you’d like to donate some ketchup or mustard for the hot dogs — bring them. Maybe you want to volunteer at the shelter and it was never the right time to stop in, or you were shy about just showing up; what better way to introduce yourself and meet the staff.

This is the day we all look forward to. We can’t wait to meet you.