Not too late

Fathers’ Day presents a challenge to many people. Finding a gift to express a little love and appreciation for dear old Dad, however heartfelt, reduces many to a jokey card and a muttered half-apology that “it is the thought that counts.” While completely true, this sentiment is generally trotted out when the gift presented is as gimpy as a seven-legged spider.

The Ward Cleaver days, when every man could use another necktie, are long past. There is a chance, if Dad is a hunter, that camo coloring or flavoring might do the trick. A fisherman dad might be attracted by a fancy new lure even if the fish are not. However, many dads are notorious for failing to communicate what they might want or need. Left to their own devices, offspring come up with rather interesting ideas on their own…an animated largemouth bass with less than scintillating commentary to contribute, for example, likely to be quickly banished to the garage or other “Man Cave,” out of hearing of distaff family members.

June 18th has passed and you may already be alternating between kicking yourself and promising to do better next year. However, all is not lost for 2017. You may very well have a second shot at purchasing the ideal Fathers’ Day gift or maybe an Independence Day present that will not be worn out, consumed over one long weekend, or consigned to the garage with the rude animatronic fish. Presque Isle Farmers Market vendor Joseph Zook, from Zook Family Farm in Fort Fairfield, loads his wagon every Saturday with several different styles and designs of homemade wooden furniture. Some chairs stand on four sturdy legs and some glide effortlessly on metal suspenders to allow an occupant to rock away a hot day under a tree. Some are paired with a small table in the middle to hold a cold drink, or a hot one if “invigorating” mornings continue. Some are designed for two, in case your mom and dad canoodle in the evening after the supper dishes are dried and put away. There are even swings to be hung on the porches of homes that did not jettison the pleasure of deep shade for open decks. All of these designs are built in such a way that Dad can get his feet under him when he needs to stand, no matter how many acres of lawn he push-mowed that day.

When you come to the Presque Isle Farmers Market in the Aroostook Centre Mall parking lot on Saturday mornings (8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.), you will find a number of furniture choices still available, and a lot of other surprises as well. Please stop by!

The Presque Isle Farmer’s market’s president is Kevin Ehst of Hidden Meadow Farm in Bridgewater. For information about participating or visiting the market, contact him at 425-4050 or via email at  kevins@ehst.com.

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