PICC league update

7 years ago

Men’s Twilight League standings (as of July 11)

Top teams (after six weeks): Hunter Flynn and Rob Flynn, 15-1/2 points; Phil Pelletier and Tim Gagnon, 14; Curt Culberson and Frank Keenan, 14; Henry Carpenter and Joel Griffeth, 13-1/2; Al Leach and Peter Coffin, 13-1/2; A.J. Cloukey and Steve Chandler, 13-1/2; Gary Hughes and Liam Hughes, 13; Adam Kingsbury and Dillon Kingsbury, 12-1/2; Bryan LaPointe and Ryan Umphrey, 12-1/2; Mike Samon and Steve Sweetser, 11; Bill Ireland and Randy Trask, 10; Jeff Beaulieu and Kirby Seward, 9-1/2; Ron McAtee and Tony Roy, 9-1/2; Mike Collins and Ryan Graves, 9-1/2; two teams tied with 9. 

Low scores (week 6): Phil Pelletier, 34; Aaron Keirstead, 35; Hunter Flynn, 37; Spencer Deschenes, 37; Mike Collins, 38; Tyler St. Pierre, 38; Frank Keenan, 38; Ryan Graves, 38; Steve Sweetser, 38; Peter Coffin, 38; Gary Hughes, 38; Liam Hughes, 38; Larry Rouse, 39; and A.J. Cloukey, 39.

Week 6, closest to pin: hole No. 8, Kierstead, 13 feet, 11 inches; hole No. 16, Jeff Beaulieu, 4 feet, 8 inches.

Ladies’ Twilight League standings (as of July 10)

Top teams: Libby Boone and Jennifer Flynn, 8 points; Betty Deveau and Darlene Higgins, 8; Alice Roy and Kati Roy, 7; Nancy Carvell and Alexis Madore, 6; Diane Boyd and Brenda Theriault, 5-1/2; Wanetta Busse and Myrna McKeen, 5; and Margaret Violette and Marie Waddell, 4-1/2.

Low scores: Carvell and Madore, 41; Deveau and Higgins, 42; and Roy and Roy, 43.

Closest to pin, hole No. 16: Higgins, 7 feet, 2 inches.

Junior League results (July 9)

First place, Nick Wight, Brody Smith, David Hubacher and Xavier McAtee, 18; second, Jackson Maynard, Sydney Smith, Jayden Cray and Alex Duprey, 18; and third, Ben Duprey, Asher Tuttle, Gavin Dunleavy and Ryder Wight, 20.

Longest putt: Asher Tuttle, 4 feet, 2 inches.

Monday Morning Men’s Golf Group

July 10: First place, Sonny Pelletier, Peter Coffin, Steve Griffin and Mike Keliher, plus 14; second, Eldon Levesque, Kim Archer, Ray Hews and Ken Fongemie, plus 10; third, Frank Smith, Maynard Levesque, George Watson and Nick Straetz, even.

Low scores: Peter Coffin, 78; Curt Culberson, 80; Steve Sweetser, 81; Kim Archer, 85; and Mike Keliher, 85.

Quota points: Nick Straetz, plus 6; Kim Archer, plus 6; Ken Fongemie, plus 6; Steve Griffin, plus 5; and Peter Coffin, plus 4.

Closest to pin, hole No. 16: Mike Keliher, 21 feet, 5 inches.

July 3: First place, Gerald Clark, Charlie Violette, George Watson and Frank Keenan, plus 12; second, Peter Coffin, Elton Thibodeau, Steve Sandelier and Kim Archer, plus 9; third, Sonny Pelletier, Maynard Levesque, Bob Duprey and Bill Casavant, plus 8.

Low scores: Peter Coffin, 79; Frank Keenan, 80; Steve Sweetser, 80; Curt Culberson, 80; and Mike Keliher, 81.

Quota points: George Watson, plus 8; Gerald Clark, plus 7; Mike Keliher, plus 7; Elton Thibodeau, plus 5; and Peter Coffin, plus 4.

Closest to pin, hole No. 16: Maynard Levesque, 5 feet, 1 inch.