Letters to the Editor

The virtues of a special plant product

To the editor:

This letter of information may be categorized as “too good to be true” or “absolutely unbelievable.” So why am I writing this? Because it is true and I’m a witness.

I’ve known and used this “secret” for 20 years. Bought the book on it first. I’ve been reading it for 20 years off and on. This patented, proprietary product has been clinically tested since 1995, as is printed on the bottle. 

What is it? Olive leaf extract as d-Lenolate. What is it good for? As a premium prophylactic for microbes — an antimicrobial. How does it work? The natural chemical compounds prevent microbes from growing or replicating. So, no infection is possible. It has been tested to be effective against 137 infectious diseases, as shown in a table in the book “Olive Leaf Extract.” I have found it for sale for $5.99. I don’t sell and never did distribute d-Lenolate. [I am] only a satisfied and well-informed customer.

There are many sources which sell olive leaf extract, but only one company has a patent that I’m aware of. Price? About 40-50 cents a capsule. A dollar a day — cheaper than a cup of commercially bought coffee. 

It is a “super immune booster.” It can only help you with the potential effects of the coronavirus if you decide to invest in a very special and vital “stock market” — yourself.  

One more thing — just a reminder that someone very wise and extremely knowledgeable designed this antidote. His name is God, the great I Am. If you doubt it, tell Him so.  He is listening. He designed you, too.

Elmer Morin

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