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Is ‘anti-racism’ the answer?

To the editor:

Bullying is indefensible, right?  Yet this year in the nation’s schools, students may be taught that they are racists, according to my understanding.

That’s right, the very teachers trusted to educate and protect children while at school may be bullying some of them by telling them they are racists just because they are white.

There is a new idea I have heard about that is being propagated by radical Democratic progressives called “anti-racist.” What I will say is that being born white, or any other color in the rainbow, does not make a person or a child racist. Yet from what I understand, the public education system in the U.S. has totally bought into this idea 100 percent and plans to teach it this year.

The BLM protest that took place locally had a reference to this “anti-racism.” In the Star-Herald photo accompanying the article, one of the protesters was holding a sign that read, to the best of my memory, “If you’re not anti-racist, you’re racist.” I’m not sure she realized it, but the sign she was holding, the premise of anti-racism, automatically assumes anyone white is a racist — including herself.

People need to fully realize what they’re promoting. More importantly, parents need to know what their schools are teaching their children. Children are our treasure and they need to be encouraged and tended with care. The last thing they need is to be told by adults in positions of authority that they’re racists.

Be aware, parents, and be prepared to fight for your little ones. Please don’t expect them to fend off the wolves by themselves.

Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle

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