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Trump is doing all right

To the editor:

A recent poll reflects that only 37 percent of the public approves of President Trump’s handling of COVID-19. My question to the other 63 percent is: What else could the president have done to battle this unknown menace that he has not done?

This question was asked of Joe Biden, who had popped up out of his hole to bash the president on his “mishandling” of the coronavirus. Reading off the TelePrompTer, Biden listed six things he would have done that the president hadn’t done. If he hadn’t been living literally under a rock for five months, he would have realized Trump had done every single one of those things.

So now I ask the same question of the 63 percent who say they feel Trump has mishandled the issue. Is it you really believe he’s done a bad job, or is it you’re disappointed that, with all he has done, this virus has proven a stubborn foe that is proving hard to kill?

The point is, President Trump has fought tooth and nail against the coronavirus to save American lives. In just one decisive act, just 10 days after the first American COVID-19 death, the president banned travel from China. Dr. Fauci later admitted, in doing so, President Trump saved tens of thousands of American lives. Many attacked the travel ban as racist and xenophobic, including Joe Biden, the man who would be president. More than two months later, Biden reluctantly admitted it was the right move.

Since then, Trump has been all in fighting this thing, although you’d never know it from listening to the mainstream news channels. As a matter of fact, I have no idea why people listen to their outright lies anymore. From the Russia and Ukraine hoaxes to the Mueller hearing, to the Covington kids, to the Kavanagh hearings, Flynn debacle and Roger Stone public “lynching,” when it comes to things political, they lie, and they never retract or apologize.

I think for myself. I observe for myself. And from where I’m sitting, Trump is doing more than all right.

Claire Kierstead
Presque Isle

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