Letters to the Editor

Supporting Caribou city councilor

To the editor:

I am saddened to read in the Aroostook Republican that five citizens are seeking to recall Caribou city councilor Doug Morrell. Why weren’t the citizens identified? Are our votes for Doug meaningless? 

So Doug lost his temper and said a few inappropriate things. But who hasn’t? It would make more sense to ask for an apology rather than take this rash and discriminating action. Doug was doing his job instead of trying to spend the city out of debt. Doug’s comments were mild compared to what I might have said at that point. The council has been spend-happy and seldom forced departments to answer for every penny.

I was disgusted with a city councilor a while back when he spoke about refusing city assistance to the Caribou Food Pantry by saying, in effect (I don’t have his exact words), “What if we do this for the pantry and then all the other do-gooders will be lining up wanting stuff from us?”

 As one of the do-gooders performing free services for the community, I resented that statement. But, as an adult, I simply decided to get over it. After all, we do-gooders do help the less fortunate in our communities and save taxpayer money, so if we really stretch ourselves we can overlook gross stupidity as well.  

What I find inappropriate about this issue is Joan Theriault’s [letter]. As a [councilor] her reaction should have been “no comment.”  She misused her position and by making her personal views public, which can suggest to the public that they should sign the petition. This is dirty politics. Strangely, Doug Morrell was one of Joan’s strongest supporters when she wanted to get on the council supposedly to cut taxes. 

The fact is Doug wants to improve the city and cut taxes. I am sure this frustrates councilors who have sat on the council increasing our taxes.  Joan’s letter was inappropriate and downright cheap. 

I urge the citizens of Caribou not to sign this petition. Stand up for the man who has been fighting for you and your community. 

Norma Milton

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