Snowmobile Trail Report, Jan. 14, 2021

Gary Marquis, Special to The County
3 years ago

Here goes another week and not much to report.  I understand how frustrating this season has been so far, but anyone who remembers seasons like this have happened before and once the snow came it never shut off and we had plenty of snow to work with.

The forecast for this weekend is looking better than it did on Tuesday.  The amounts that they are calling for are somewhat on the light side, but at this moment we will take whatever Mother Nature is willing to give us.

The clubs with rail beds and logging roads will hopefully be able to do something on Sunday and Monday, but it all depends on what we get Saturday night into Sunday.

As much as the businesses need sledders to come up and spend money, the trail system will still be quite fragmented.   The hope is we get a lot of the white gold and clubs can get out to do what they do best.  Many clubs had to go and pick signs up during the Christmas thaw and have not been back out to install.  This means that most everyone is starting all over again, and it will take time to get things up and going to make it safe for riders.

If the storm gives us more than predicted, I will revise this report and hopefully have better news.

Caution is advised that most bodies of water are still unsafe, so please, if you are not familiar, stay away from lakes.

On the Social Side:

The Limestone Snow Hawks will be hosting a breakfast at their clubhouse by the pond in downtown Limestone this Saturday starting at 9 a.m.