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Why dogs do the weird things they do

Happy Summer from the Crazy Dog Lady! I haven’t done much writing lately, having retired from Dead River and getting used to being home every day, and loving it. Can’t believe it is on the downside of summer. Time sure speeds by, especially when you’re enjoying life.

Do you ever wonder why dogs do some of the weird things they do? I do. My two pups do weird things all the time. I came across some interesting facts in an article the other day and thought I would tell you about a few of them, especially ones that my pups do on a regular basis.

  1.  Wrinkled muzzles — Sometimes dogs, like humans, may not be in a good mood. They will scrunch up their snouts, until the skin on top starts to wrinkle. This is sometimes accompanied with a lip raise, and a flash of teeth. Typically, this is not a good sign and your dog is telling you to “back off.” They are not in the mood to be bothered right now, and that’s okay. Give them some space for a bit, and they will calm down.
  2. Raising a paw — A lot of dogs like to walk around and sniff different bushes. Sometimes a dog will pause and raise one of their paws in the air. This motion might look odd, but it is important when it comes to a dog’s cognitive abilities. Like humans, dogs need to pause and think about different things. Maybe there is a bird they want to chase. Raising a paw is their way of showing humans and other dogs that they are lost in thought. 
  3. Never going to the bathroom alone — Going to the bathroom alone when you have a dog is never a solo adventure. Your dog will follow you into the room and keep an eye on you while you do your business. This might seem strange, but it is an instinct designed to keep you safe from any predators. In the wild when dogs roam in packs, it is always safer to have a fellow canine watch your behind while you take care of business. Your dog sees you as a member of its pack and protects you while you’re in a vulnerable position. How cute is that?
  4. Cocking the head — Dogs have some of the cutest gestures when it comes to listening to their humans. When they aren’t staring with big puppy eyes, they are busy tilting their head in your direction. This adorable gesture might seem cute, but it actually implies confusion. A dog that tilts its head a lot, means that the dog doesn’t understand what is going on. You may just need to get down to the dog’s level and explain a few things.
  5. Sleeping together — Have you ever woken up, with a paw draped over you and a snout touching your nose? The answer is probably, “yes.” Dogs absolutely love hopping into bed with their humans. Everyone likes to feel close to one another, and that is the same for dogs. Sleeping with their human is like sleeping with their pack. They get to cuddle up to them and feel secure in the knowledge that everyone is safe and sound.

These are just a few of the “Weird Things Dogs Will Do.” There are so many more that you can find in “Absolutely Connected” by Laura Braun.

Be responsible pet owners and have your fur babies spay and neutered. Check out Central Aroostook Humane Society if you are looking for a pet of your own, located at 24 Cross St., Presque Isle.

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