Mapleton Lions donate to pool, ski club

2 years ago

Last week, the Mapleton Lions Club made donations to the Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill recreation program and the Quoggy Jo Ski Center.  

Over 2022, the club held four major fundraising events that included the annual auction, Mapleton Daze chicken barbecue, Northern Maine Fair food booth and the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest.  Everyone who bought items at the auction or purchased food at one of the booths helped the club make these donations.

Lions Club President Rick Fowler presented a $15,000 check to Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill Town Manager Sandra Fournier on Nov. 10 to pay for the community swimming pool’s new winter pool cover.  The club built the original pool in the early 1970s.  It was the first major project of the growing club, chartered in 1957.  

Members have always been concerned for the youth of the three communities.  When the pool was rebuilt and the shower houses replaced with new facilities, the club made a significant donation to fund the upgrade cost.  

Over the past year, the club has been discussing with Jacob Graham, Mapleton Recreation Director, the need for a protective pool cover.  During times when the pool is seasonally closed, the pool collects considerable amounts of dirt, fallen leaves and other debris.  In spring it is very difficult to clean as a result and causes additional wear and tear on the pool liner.  The liner has been replaced three times since the Lions built the original pool.

The new mesh safety cover is designed to allow water to drain through and to prevent large debris and particles from passing through the safety cover and entering into the pool. The cover allows some fine silt and/or dust to enter the pool. Some sunlight is also allowed into the pool. The new cover comes with a 15-year warranty.  

“The new cover will simplify spring preparation of the pool and reduce operating cost of the pool,” Graham said.

Mapleton Lions Club President Rick Fowler (right) presents Mapleton, Castle Hill and Chapman Town Manager Sandra Fournier with a $15,000 check to cover the cost of the new pool safety cover that has been installed tri-town Community Pool. (Courtesy of Terry Sandusky)

Fowler expressed the club’s ongoing concern for the town’s youth and the town’s recreation program.  

“The Mapleton Lions Club is pleased to be able to assist the three-community effort to provide swimming lessons as well as a summer recreation program that includes open swimming by helping provide high-quality recreation facilities such as the community pool,” Fowler said.

On Nov. 7, the club reviewed the Quoggy Jo Ski Center’s needs, prompted by Lion Matt McCartney.  He pointed out that Quoggy Jo is the least expensive ski option for most children and families in Aroostook County, and with a severely limited budget the center has begun a fundraising campaign.  

Through their efforts, they have found donors who will match the funds donated by other donors to the center.  The club presented a $3,000 donation to the ski center, which will be matched.  

Accepting the donation on behalf of the ski center were Chris Kilcollins and Derrick Williams.  They expressed thanks for the club’s donation and explained the importance of the Quoggy Jo Ski Center and how they introduce youngsters to the fun and excitement of skiing. 

The Mapleton Lions Club recently presented the Quoggy Jo Ski Center in Presque Isle with a $3,000 donation to support its programs. From left are: Lions Club President Rick Fowler, ski club board members Chris Kilcollins and Derrick Williams; and Lion Matt McCartney, project sponsor.
(Courtesy of Terry Sandusky)

These funds will be used for the center’s after-school youth ski program and will also help add a second open ski evening, where a hundred or more youth and family skiers come each week during the ski season. 

“How pleased the Mapleton Lions Club was to make this donation to Quoggy Jo for our Central Aroostook youth,” Fowler said.

United Way telethon

On Thursday, Nov. 17, the United Way Helping Hands Telethon will help support meeting emergency fuel needs for people in Aroostook County.  The club voted to donate and urges other Aroostook County residents to make some contribution to the telethon as this year will be extremely challenging for many County people.  

Here in the County, one important slogan the Club recognizes is, “We help our own.” Every dollar does matter.

Terry Sandusky is the Star-Herald correspondent for Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill and can be reached at 764-4916 or at