Caribou area From our Files – Week of April 19, 2023

1 year ago

115 Years Ago – April 16, 1908

Business doing very nicely — The saw mill, operated by Joseph and Jessie Santers at North Caribou, is doing a very nice business. They have a large yard full of logs and lumber and more coming in every day. This mill is run by an 18 horsepower Reliance Woodpecker gasolene engine and is cutting out from 5,000 to 7,000 feet of lumber a day. A Woodpecker engine certainly develops ample power for all ordinary mills.

Dissolving a business — The firm of F. A. Havey & Co., composed of S. L. White and F. A. Havey, has been dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. Havey bought the interest of his partner, and will conduct the business under his own name in future. Mr. Havey, who resided in Caribou until about a year ago when he went to Eastport, is a young man of many excellent traits, good business ability, and has a large number of friends. Mr. Havey expects to move his drugstore into the building now occupied by G. B. Roberts as a barbershop, and will have the same thoroughly remodeled and repaired. The services of Chas. Gammon will be retained as clerk.

100 Years Ago – April 19, 1923

A trade up — The Ford touring car which Miss Edith F. Knight, District Nurse of the Aroostook Anti-Tuberculosis Association has been driving the past three years getting a good deal mileage out of it, has been traded by the Association with Berry & Benn, Houlton, for a new car of similar make and design for Miss Knight’s use in her work.

A successful birthday party — A surprise party was tendered Master Vernon Johnston Tuesday evening with 11 of his friends and classmates assembled at his home to help celebrate his 11th birthday. The evening was spent in playing various games, also dancing the Minuet, as it will be remembered it was Vernon’s class who so gracefully danced the Minuet at the music recital given by Miss Lovley a few weeks ago. Refreshments of ice cream and cake and homemade candy were served by Mrs. Johnston. All went home reporting a good time.

75 Years Ago – April 15, 1948

Resigns Rec post here — In a letter to the Caribou Park and Recreation Committee, April 14, Emery Plourde submitted this resignation as director of recreation. Plourde received a letter form the committee which said, in part: ‘In regard to the letter sent you by the Park and Recreation  Committee, we, the representatives of said committee, regret that there was, wittingly or unwittingly, a misunderstanding of our sentiments toward you and of our appreciation of your fine work to date. The thought and fact we wish to convey to you is that, although quite satisfied with your work, we now feel the overall program in mind for the year to come demands that we have a director that would answer all our needs. This we do without prejudice to  you, nor the way in which you handled the program during the past two years.’ Plourde’s response said, in part: ‘It has been my privilege to have served the youth of Caribou for the past two and one half years, and to have been associated with this worthwhile endeavor on their behalf. I wish to thank each and every member of the committee for their cooperation.’

Recently honored — R. Fred Harmon, Caribou agent for the Phoenix Mutual Life insurance company was honored recently when his picture appeared in the company magazine ‘Field.’ Harmon was one of the nine high salesmen in the United States who reported the largest amount of premiums for the month of February. Harmon was the only one out of the Portland office.

25 Years Ago – Apr. 22, 1998

Panel urges building new middle school — Caribou Middle School has been determined inadequate by a committee created to assess the needs of the aging school. The Community and school board members on the committee recommended building a new middle school. The committee organized earlier this winter reported the need to reconstruct or build a new school, to the Caribou school board Wednesday. In a vote that was not unanimous the committee recommended a new middle school be built. The group did agree the school is not adequate as it is. The group’s findings are only the first step in the long process of school construction or renovation, said Caribou Superintendent Arthur Benner.

Heading out — The Caribou varsity softball team gets ready to leave for its trip to Florida, where this week the squad has been practicing, playing several games and taking in some tourist attractions. The team raised more than $12,000 since last summer to take the trip. The team took a school bus Friday afternoon to Waterville, flew out Saturday from Portland, and is scheduled to return this weekend.