Responding to

17 years ago

To the editor:
One hardly knows what to say about David Daniel Beckom’s rant against our war efforts (in his recent letter of Feb. 28). Perhaps all that needs to be said is that it’s pretty typical liberal, “blame American first” nonsense.

But if Mr. Beckom can’t realize that our efforts in this worldwide war against Islamofascism — a war which we chose not to start and which will surely last many more years than the 28 it has already lasted (years largely characterized by  our willingness to hide our heads in the sand, as demonstrated by Mr. Beckom) — are meant precisely so that his “daughter, or (his) son, or (his) granddaughter, or the children of generations to follow” will never have to find themselves at the receiving end of a box cutter blade or in a passenger plane screaming into a high rise building, or helpless against any of the other murderous gates that terrorists are laboring (even as this is being read) to bring to his loved ones as savagely and as soon as possible, then our only choice is to quarantine ourselves from his kind of solipsistic, dangerous pacifism, and wish him well.

Jim Cyr