Loose dog a threat to cyclists

17 years ago

To the editor:
Biking season is here. My husband and I were out for our first ride together recently and the 15 miles would have been enjoyable — a chance to chat and exercise — if it had not been for that black dog that chased us for a quarter mile while attempting to bite at our feet and pedals.
    Even if your dog is harmless, yelling “He/she’s friendly” doesn’t really allay my fears on my bike as my shoes are clipped into my pedals and my road bike tires are very thin.  Last season, I was chased by no less than 10 dogs … luckily once I remembered to shove a milk bone dog biscuit under the edge of my bike shorts to distract the dog while I escaped … I am not sure he would have ever abandoned his relentless pursuit of me and my Trek.
Please, owners … just because you live out of town doesn’t mean someone won’t be walking or biking by your house.  Also, you being outside doesn’t guarantee that your dog will obey you.  It is a very scary feeling being chased by an unknown dog.
I am asking that you please hook/contain your dogs so my family and many others can have a safe, riding season not riddled with fear of wondering if the next residence on our route will house another unsupervised dog.

Julie French
Ed Therrien
Presque Isle