Intersection needs attention

17 years ago

To the editor:
Hell hath no fury greater than that damnable intersection which connects the Mall, Main St. and the Connector Road. I’ve written before about this poorly designed intersection and have begged Maine Department of Transportation to redesign it before someone’s life is snuffed out because of the confusion created by a gaggle of pointy-headed road engineers who live elsewhere     My prediction of a life being taken at that intersection has regrettably come true. Harold Lainey passed away due to the injuries sustained in a recent accident near the Mall. Harold was a nice person and should have enjoyed a longer life. May his soul rest in peace. Let his death bring change so that another’s life can be saved.
If they (pointy-headed road engineers) and their parents and, worse, their grandparents had to navigate their treacherous intersection, no doubt, that intersection would have been changed a long time ago. Given the growing accident record at that spot, someone better take notice, call in a smarter bunch of designers, sit down and attempt to do a better job.
The state of Maine had better take action now, not later. But, let me give a piece of advice to the city: If you (the city fathers, whoever you think you are) are moved one day to give that intersection some mind and attention, don’t be calling up the same gaggle of pointy-headed road engineers; they’re likely to cost a lot of money and send the intersection into more confusion. Rather, appoint a team of local people, you know, those who live here and drive through that damnable intersection every day … they’ll do a far better job at redesign. And you know what? That panel of locals probably would be happy to serve for little or no cost to the city … just doing their civic duty. So, get on it before another life is lost.

Dick Graves
Presque Isle