Watching the storm from a distance

17 years ago

To the editor:
It has been a very hot week here in the city. The other day I watched as a thunderstorm swept the city. Here on the 22nd floor above the city proper I can watch as the weather changes. To see a massive thunderstorm build and move over the city is inspiring. It is easy to forget in this day and age just what our forefathers dreaded. And then our knowledge gets zapped.    I watched as one of the neighboring buildings took a direct hit from a lightning bolt. Out of no where this white arc appeared and struck the tower on top of the building with a strong glow. Boom! And you could feel the windows rattle. I can still see the after glow.
In the County, we did have bad storms. As I write this I know that a really nasty storm hit yesterday. Lots of bluster and plenty of great stories about the tree that used to be. While a bit on the frightening side storms also serve a larger purpose. They humble us a little. Something everybody needs on occasion.
It is at these moments when the trees are touching their toes, the grass is matted flatter than a mown lawn; and, there seems a little bit of extra water in front of the door, that we take a breath, give a sigh and relax. if we are lucky enough a rainbow shows up and we realize that Nature in all her forms is a beautiful thing to behold.
Even here in Shanghai, nature is beautiful to behold. So its time to take a moment and enjoy the show. There is always tomorrow.

Orpheus Allison
Shanghai, China