United Way solicits letters of interest

17 years ago

    PRESQUE ISLE, Maine – United Way of Aroostook board president Brian Sipe has announced the organization is soliciting proposals from non-profit, governmental, educational and law enforcement agencies interested in receiving support for programs designed to positively impact substance abuse issues in Aroostook County.     In 2006, the United Way of Aroostook conducted an extensive community assessment called “Listening to Aroostook.” It identified and prioritized issues of concern to the citizens of the county. The United Way board reviewed these issues and concluded that substance abuse played a major role in many of these problems. Furthermore, substance abuse, while garnering a significant amount of public awareness, was an area that received relatively few resources from this United Way.
The United Way is in the process of soliciting proposals from prospective partners for the expansion of existing programs or the initiation of new programs that will positively impact substance abuse problems in our area.
Interested agencies or organizations are asked to submit a letter of interest outlining the proposed program, how it will positively impact substance abuse problems in Aroostook County, along with any other available details that will assist the United Way in determining the degree of need for the program and the potential for positive outcomes. Information should also be included that illustrates the likelihood that the proposing agency will be able to successfully administer the program.
The United Way encourages collaborative efforts and those that have the potential to leverage matching funds. While the United Way currently works on a one-year funding cycle, multi-year funding requests will also be considered.
Once proposals have been reviewed, the United Way will contact agencies with the most promising programs to solicit additional information and request that a formal application be submitted for further consideration.
Written proposals must be received in the United Way Offices, 480 Main St., Presque Isle, Maine 04769 before 4 p.m. Sept. 28.
For more information, contact Claudia Stevens, executive director, United Way of Aroostook at 764-5197 or e-mail acunited@mfx.net.