Huston charged in burglaries

17 years ago

    WASHBURN, Maine – A local man is facing several burglary charges dating back to June of this year.
Mark Huston, 49, was charged with three counts of burglary involving a Washburn residence dating back to June 3, according to Assistant D.A. Todd Collins.     “In the three-count complaint, Huston is charged with three counts of burglary – one Class B and two Class C. He made his first appearance in Presque Isle District Court on August 24 on the charges,” said Collins.
Collins said Huston, who was on probation at the time of the burglaries, also appeared for probation revocation at the same time. Bail was set at $60,000 surety or $10,000 cash, with conditions of no contact with the victims, either have 24/7 court-appointed custodian or be on 24-hour house arrest with supplemental monitoring by court.
“He would be required to wear an ankle bracelet for monitoring purposes,” explained Collins.
Collins indicated Huston’s bail was denied because he violated probation conditions from an earlier charge.
Huston’s first charge, a Class B burglary, occurred on June 3. Two Class C offenses followed, one on July 6 and another on August 20.
“All three charges involve the same residence. The victims have asked not to be identified,” said Collins, who added those involved were concerned for their safety at this time.
Collins explained the difference between the Class B and Class C charges were due to where the burglaries occurred.
“The Class B involved the dwelling, while the Class C charges involved the garage,” said Collins. “One involved the intent to commit assault, July 6 was the intent to commit criminal mischief, while the August 20 incident involved intent to commit theft.”
Burglary, as described by Collins, involves breaking and entering with the intent to commit a crime.
Huston remained behind bars at the Aroostook County Jail at presstime.
“He hasn’t made bail. The probation revocation matter resulted in Huston being held without bail,” said Collins.
Huston’s next court appearance, according to Collins, will be in October. Huston faces several years behind bars if found guilty for any or all of the charges.
“Huston faces the potential penalty of several years in jail, if found guilty. A Class B carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, while the Class Cs carry a maximum sentence of five years each,” said Collins. “He could potentially receive a 20-year sentence in connection with these burglaries.”