Food Mart a community hub

15 years ago

    WASHBURN – Every small community should have a place where people can get caught up on the latest news,  post local events, pick up last-minute picnic items, a week’s worth of groceries, entertainment for a family night and the meal to go with it. In Washburn, that place is the Washburn Food Mart, located at 1284 Main St.     Owned by Dan and Leslie Martin, the store serves as the central hub of the community.
    “We have a full line of groceries, meat cut to order, pizza and homemade bread. We make full-packaged lunch specials Monday through Friday,” said Dan Martin.
    “We also have DVD movie rentals,” added Leslie Martin.
    Depending on the time of year, the store sells seasonal flowers and wreaths to brighten up one’s home or business.
    “We’re also a licensed lottery agent, selling Megabucks, Powerball and scratch tickets,” said Dan.
    The couple have owned the business for seven years.
    “We have three full-time seven part-time employees,” he said.
    The Martins take pride in being a part of the community.
    “We have strong local ties – both family and friends. We provide a needed service to the public and work hard to match our stock with their needs. We also keep up with the needs of all our customers and try to accommodate them in any way possible,” said Dan.
    Customer service is a top priority at the Food Mart.
    “Good customer service is extremely vital to us. It keeps us in touch with the needs of our regular clientele and new patrons as well. We train our staff to be friendly and helpful at all times to all customers,” said Leslie.
    The facility is also a strong support of area organizations.
    “The Washburn Food Mart is community-minded and a regular sponsor of local Washburn needs, including Scouting, snowmobile and ATV groups, as well as other town causes,” said Dan.
    The store plays a central role in the town’s annual August Fest activities, serving as both a gathering site for participants and a place to pick up those last-minute but much-needed items for the many activities during that weekend.
    With hunting season fast approaching, the Food Mart now serves as a game station.
    “We feature the tagging and weighing of deer, bear and moose, along with skinning and cutting to order,” said Dan.
    Hours are: Monday-Saturday, 5 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sunday, 7 a.m.-9 p.m. For  information, 455-8057 or e-mail