Council of Catholic Women gather

16 years ago

The first meeting of the fall for the Houlton Council of Catholic Women was held Sept. 15 in the parish center.     President Betty Ann Childers called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. The ladies had a potluck supper with the officers in charge of the committee. Several other ladies assisted in the kitchen and clean up duties. It was 7:15 when the formal meeting was called and we said our usual prayers, salute to the cross and sang a hymn.
Secretary’s report was given by Ethel Schools; Ethel also gave the treasurer’s figures in the absence of Bernette Roach.
Lois Downing read correspondence. Cards were read from Rev. Eddy Morin, former pastor, Cindy York and Anna Strange.
National Council of Catholic Women requested our membership fee. Rose Levesque motioned; it was seconded by Jane Mitchell to pay this usual amount.
Cruz Cruz spoke about the International Dinner on September 21. The dinner was held at St. Anthony’s Hall and was a great success. At the time Cruz asked for volunteers. The dinner proceeds were for the church fuel fund and was successful.
Rev. Dave Raymond, pastor, spoke to the ladies. He reported that it was 10 years when he was entering the seminary. He knelt in front of the statue of Our Lady of Good Counsel and said the rosary.
Fr. Raymond talked about the new Mass hours on Sunday, November through April. The whole cluster is considered when making changes for the winter.
In order to conserve fuel and energy, HCCW will meet after the 11 a.m. Mass on Sunday. This decision was made after discussing two other proposals.
Janet Barker spoke on the upcoming rummage sale. Janet will begin presorting clothes this week and will need help. Members are asked to please plan to help, especially during the sale itself, October 9, 10 and 11th.
Mary Grant and her sister Jane Stile will be the chairman of the Giving Tree this year. They volunteered to help after a chairman was asked to come forward by our president.
Bill Roach will have a benefit supper this week in the parish center and hall. He will have a long recovery from his illness and Betty Ann asked prayers for him and family. A gift of money will be sent to the Roach family.
Please bring your dues next month, when our treasurer is expected to be present. Lois Downing won the door prize. Seminary money was collected.
Attending were Alma Gallop, Cruz Cruz, Ethel Schools, Alice Adams, Margaret Casey, Marcie Michaud, Valerie Pelletier, Rose Levesque, Yvonne Blake, Alta Reardon, Jane Mitchell, Eva Pelletier, Cindy York, Rita McDade, Ethel Mersereau, Gail Schools, Janet Barker, Molly Bailey, Lois Downing, Sue Duff, Rev. Raymond, Betty Ann Childers, Mary Callnan, Mary Grant and Helena Lilley.
First-time attendees were Kris Schools, Jane Stile and Sue Duff. They all introduced themselves at the beginning of the program.
The group will meet again Oct. 9.