Bike/hike event successful

16 years ago

    Seven women participated in MOJO’s Betty Bike and Hike Day held Sept. 14.
    “What started out as a dreary-looking day that threatened rain turned into another very successful Betty adventure,” said Melanie Stewart of MOJO and one of the leaders of the event.

Image    CLIMB COMPLETE — Making it to the summit of Quoggy Jo Mountain’s North Peak are Betty Bike and Hike Day participants, from left, Cathy Donovan, Jessica Grass, Dawn McPherson, Vanessa Patenaude, Kim Kennedy, Melanie Stewart and Barb Bartlett.

    Betty events provide opportunities for women to do physical activities without any pressure or expectations, and to have fun at the same time, according to Stewart.
    The adventure began with mountain biking on ATV trails, that eventually led to Aroostook State Park. Upon arrival, the group hiked up the South Peak Trail of Quoggy Jo, then across to the North Peak and back down to the base of the mountain for lunch. “Those were the best sandwiches we’ve ever had,” quipped Stewart.
    After lunch, the group returned to MOJO on bicycles, forgoing the ATV trails in favor of the road due to the threatening skies. “Thank goodness we had a beautiful tail wind that pushed us toward home,” Stewart said.
    Participants included the co-leaders, Dawn McPherson and Stewart, along with Barb Bartlett, Cathy Donovan, Jessica Grass, Kim Kennedy and Vanessa Patenaude.