15 years ago

    CARIBOU – The Aroostook County grand jury handed up 46 indictments during their Jan. 8 session. Among those indicted were:
    Brent P. Folsom, 39, Presque Isle: theft by unauthorized taking.
    Robert L. Brown, 26, Presque Isle: burglary and theft.
    Bonnie L. Sarmiento, 48, Woodland: negotiating worthless instrument and possession of firearm by prohibited person.
    Gordon F. Hay, 45, Presque Isle: criminal threatening.
    Roger D. Burby Jr., 24, Ashland: operating after revocation and violating condition of release.
    Ronnie L. Espling, 36, Presque Isle: assault, domestic violence assault, burglary, reckless conduct and aggravated criminal mischief.
    Patrick A. Bailey, 25, Presque Isle: aggravated assault.
    Jason McEwen, 33, Oakland: theft by deception.
    Shaun C. Kinney, 30, Presque Isle: criminal mischief and violating condition of release.
    Earl D. Bates III, 36, Presque Isle: assault.
    Autumn R. Fox, 26, Presque Isle: theft.
    Freeman J. Deabay III, 37, Ashland: criminal operating under the influence (OUI) and operating beyond license condition or restriction.
    Timothy A. St. Peter, 44, Limestone: violating condition of release.
    Deborah Lanier, 37, Portage: aggravated assault and violating condition of release.
    Lloyd D. McPherson, 34, Ashland: operating after revocation.
    Michael Hoague, 23, Van Buren: two counts of theft, failure to report an accident, operating after suspension, driving to endanger, aggravated criminal mischief, failure to stop, OUI and violating condition of release.
 SherryMarie Deschaine, 42, Eagle Lake: criminal OUI.
    Reginald Dube, 49, Grand Isle: reckless conduct, cruelty to animals and discharging a firearm near a dwelling.
    Anthony M. Thurlow, 23, Connor TWP: burglary, theft and violating condition of release.
    Shelley M. Bruey, 42, Fort Kent: criminal OUI.
    James E. Eldridge, 59, Mapleton: operating after revocation.
    Clay A. McNamee, 29, Fort Kent: burglary and theft.
    Robert Gleason, 32, Van Buren: burglary and theft.
    Jesse E. Sirois, 25, Van Buren: criminal OUI, violating condition of release and two counts of unlawful possession of scheduled of drugs.
    Nicholas Thibeault, 18, Madawaska: theft.
    Robert Gilliam, 22, Caribou: burglary and theft by unauthorized taking.
    Jose S. Garciagarcia, 32, Caribou: criminal threatening, domestic violence assault and obstructing report of a crime or injury.
    Kristopher W. Ellis, 31, Woodland: criminal OUI, operating after revocation and failure to stop for an officer.    
    Noah J. Mushero, 24, Caribou: theft and violating condition of release.    
    Jessie J. Tirrell, 19, Caribou: burglary, theft and criminal mischief.
    Bobby L. Begin, 24, Limestone: burglary, theft and unauthorized use of property.
    Nathan C. Fox, 22, Limestone: burglary, theft, unauthorized use of property and violating condition of release.
    Travis White, 23, Washburn: burglary, theft and criminal mischief.