Spreading the word of CHD

15 years ago

To the editor:
    Valentine’s Day is also CHD “Congenital Heart Defect” Awareness Day. I wanted to let everyone know how our CHD Awareness in memory of Nicholas went. Our boys 5-6th grade rec basketball team won their game. Derek, our son, was happy they “won it for Nicholas.” We sold tickets at the game and did the raffle there.     We did a raffle, potluck/balloon launch at the Perham Baptist Church Saturday in memory of Nicholas Howard Roberts. He was born with CHD and after his fourth heart surgery, passed away. Nicholas was the son of Mike and Nicole (Rawan) Roberts. Mike was the son of the late Pastor Howard Roberts of the Baptist Church where we did the balloon launch.
    Having the potluck/balloon launch at the Baptist Church in Perham was perfect. We are very grateful for Pastor Dave letting us do the potluck/balloon launch at his church and doing the blessing of our meal. Mike’s father, the late Pastor Howard Roberts was the longest standing pastor of the church. It meant so much to be able to do this there. We earned close to $250. All proceeds will go to Childrens Hospital of Boston’s Pediatric Hearts program.
    The weather in northern Maine could have been better. However when we went out to let the balloons go the wind calmed down for us. Mike spoke and talked about how the church made him who he is today. Because of the church and his upbringing, he was able to deal with the ups and downs of the last year. Coping with the loss of  his son was very difficult, however eased because of his faith.
    We did a great job spreading awareness. I think Nicholas would have loved it. The heart-shaped balloons looked great as they floated away. I hope they went far! The local businesses that donated raffle items were Reno’s, McDonalds, Burger King, Governors, Bonanza, Washburn Foodmart, Subway, The Sled shop, K&K, Advantage Gas, Tim Hortons and Lana Williams who donated a quilt. We couldn’t have done it without all of the people from the “County.” I’m very proud to be from this area, where people come together for a great cause.
    I know all of the people who were involved will spread the word of CHD. If every person only tells Nicholas’s story to one other person and so on and so forth, the word of CHD will spread. Knowledge breeds funding, funding breeds research, research saves babies. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing we were part of a great thing. Thank you all again.

Stacey, Kelly and Derek Baker