UMaine Extension offers hay directory

15 years ago

    ORONO — With the large amount of rain Maine has experienced this summer, it has been a challenge to produce quality hay for Maine’s livestock industry. If hay growers did not take advantage of excellent weather for dry hay production at the end of May and very early part of June, they are now faced with crops that are of low nutritional quality and weather patterns that are not conducive to good drying.      “Many livestock owners purchase their hay from other growers,” said Professor Rick Kersbergen of the Cooperative Extension faculty in Waldo County. “Supplies may be low this year due to the weather. Hopefully, things will turn around and producers can get the first cutting of hay completed and a second crop of better quality could be harvested later in the summer.”
    University of Maine Cooperative Extension maintains a “hay directory” for producers looking to market their hay and for livestock farmers looking to purchase hay. The Web site is currently being revised for 2009.
    Growers who have hay for sale can contact the UMaine Extension Waldo County office by calling 800-287-1426 to be added to the directory. There is also a form available on the Web site for updates. Inquiries can be directed to Sonia Antundes at
    University of Maine Cooperative Extension also offers numerous resources for growers and purchasers of hay and hay products. The listing of resources includes information on hay quality, testing labs, sampling as well as equine fact sheets, online at
     For more information about growing and buying quality feed, contact UMaine Extension educators Rick Kersbergen at 800-287-146 or Richard Brzozowski at 800-287-1471.