Houlton High School Class of 64 celebrates their 45th reunion

15 years ago

A casual atmosphere led to many re-acquaintances with “remember when” and “I can’t believe we did that” stories providing lots of laughter.

A spaghetti dinner was served followed by musical entertainment of songs from the ‘60s by Border Harmony and Friends. The class quilt (made by “the girls”) raffle raised $915, and those in attendance voted to donate the money to the Houlton Community Arts Center in the name of the Class of ’64. George Nile’s name was drawn as the winner of the quilt. A 50th reunion is already in the planning for 2014.
Classmates in attendance were Gary Barton, Peter Blood, Dennis Callnan, Mary (Carson) Bickford, Neil Cowperthwaite, Karen (Cyr) Gallop, Bob Decker, Joe Fitzpatrick, Clarice (Cookie) Folsom, PeeWee Gallop, Gloria (Garnett) Flewelling, Sharon (Gartley) Lowrey, Nick Gravelle, Bryna Lynn (Hannigan) Miller, June Harbison, David Harris, David Henderson, Al Hogan, Joe Hogan, Glen Holmes, Ted Leavitt, Charlie London, John Lowrey, Barbara (McAtee) Rutledge, Mike McLaughlin, Marie (McManemon) Williams, George Niles, Julie (Parks) Adams, Bernette (Plourde) Roach, John Plourde, Gail (Porter) Lee, James (Arville) Porter, Jim Porter, Marcia (Robinson) Homchuck, Bill Rutledge, Alice (Sawyer) Luhrs, Roanne Seeley, Buddy Shean, Spencer Smith, Richard Sullivan, Gary Tingley, Dawn (Tompkins) LaMontain, Barbara (Wallace) Pratt and Bob West.