Hummer not only gas guzzler

15 years ago

To the editor:
    I love how Mr. White’s editorial drones on with an ode to Americana for the first three paragraphs on this damnation of an American vehicle.  

    Several things mentioned in this opening display of patriotism include tractors, logging trucks, fire trucks, etc. These classic pieces of any standard parade must run on sugar and spice, since the Hummer is the true gas guzzler.
    Please,  I agree that we must do more to preserve our national resources, but I can guarantee that those other vehicles mentioned above used a lot more natural resources than that Hummer (heck, even that ‘84 Nova is probably less fuel efficient).
    My point is this;  with our natural resources dwindling, we can’t get all bent out of shape with one modern gas guzzler, and let others slide.

William M. Tasker