Portage Lake parade comments attract responses

15 years ago

Close-knit community has rallied around its neighbors

To the editor:
    In regard to the gentleman who was so negative about one aspect of the recent Portage Lake Centennial Parade, I have this to say: Envy shows thy green head. As our pastor would say, “You may look at a glass of water as half full or half empty.” Your negativity about the yellow Hummer is totally misplaced. So, let me tell you about the yellow Hummer and the people behind it. 

    Let me tell you how four generations of family, paternal and maternal, have laid the foundation for that family to succeed. How a young man, who went to NMCC (Northern Maine Community College) and used that education to join a small business in Colorado to build a future for his two sons, made time to drive across the country to his roots, to join his family in their town.
    We as a family still have confidence that America has virtue and belief in principles or we wouldn’t have given our son, grandchildren, nieces and nephews into the recent wars. But of course, you wouldn’t know that. The fact is, you haven’t taken any time to know what Steinbeck, Whitman, and Rockwell did know, and that’s your NEIGHBORS!
    As far as symbolism in a region that has never recovered since 1929, I beg your pardon! The families of northern Maine are very proud of our successes in a time of recession. Our children and theirs have succeeded and will succeed in the future because of our work and determination. These are gifts given to us from our heritage. We may have had to migrate to Massachusetts and Connecticut; thank God their doors were open. Because of this, we are able to come back to Aroostook with what we have learned and acquired.
    You write about blatant insensitivity and pointless vanity. Has it dawned on you the insensitivity you have shown in writing this article?
    You have no knowledge of the people involved and hurt by your article. I really don’t think you care! But see, that’s the difference. We are a loving, caring, fantastic family and I thank you Mr. White — because of your article, the outpouring of love and support from my family, friends, and neighbors have been tremendous. Out of bad, there always is good.

Dad and Mom Harold and Nancy Cyr, as well as, Sister and Brothers
of the yellow Hummer
Portage Lake