Potato Blossom Festival finishes strong in Fort Fairfield

15 years ago

Image Jonathan Bernard, 10 and Soloman Daigle, 8, romped in a large vat of potatoes during the annual mashed potato wrestling event sponsored by the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce during the Maine Potato Blossom Festival.

 Bernard and Daigle, teammates during baseball season, said that they had a lot of fun potato wrestling. According to Sara Gamblin who organized the Chamber event, there were 80 contestants (40 pairs) that went toe-to-toe in sticky potato goodness this year, which was an increase in participants from last year’s event. HSF foods of Centerville, N.B. donated 500 pounds of potato flakes. The Fort Fairfield Fire Department was on site hosing off the goopy participants. “We had 3-year-olds to 30-year-olds participating,” Gamblin said. She estimated that there were anywhere from 200 to 250 spectators drawn to the event. For those who may have missed out on playing with their food, the Chamber is planning on holding the same event next year.







ImageAroostook Republican photo/Natalie Bazinet
    Sara Rochefort of Dover, N.H, put potatoes into a basket as fast as she could during the Farmers Olympics, which were held at FARM Park on July 17 during the annual Potato Blossom festival. Sara is the daughter of Mark and Barbra (Lynch) Biscone. 







Image    Thorin Saucier, 6, of Greenbush quickly and precisely stacked wood while competing in the Farmer Olympics, a competition that is on its second year with the Maine Potato Blossom Festival. Thorin and his family took a day trip up from Greenbush to visit friends and attend the festival. 







Image    John Peters was helping his son, Logan Peters, 4, get the hang of laser tag at FARM Park on July 17. John’s wife and Logan’s mother, Debbie Peters, is originally from Fort Fairfield.