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14 years ago

A tale of two Americas

To the editor:
Mad Hatter: Do you care for tea?
Alice: Why, yes. I’m very fond of tea.
March Hare: If you don’t care for tea, you could at least make polite conversation! 

    It seems that tea parties are springing up everywhere. All though the people are different in each venue; the rhetoric is consistent. From Victoria Jackson singing songs about a communist in the White House to those who hide prejudice behind veils of Lipton tea, The blame for our country’s condition is being placed on a man who is trying to clean up after a car wreck. He did not wreck the car, like all of us he was merely riding the bumpy highway such is life.
For eight years, our country followed George W. Bush like lemmings going over a cliff. If someone asked questions about the county’s direction, we were branded as disloyal. The very same people who backed Bush and the Republicans are now unwilling to give our President the chance to repair the damage.
I would remind those who can’t wait for this man to fail that the George Bush senior lost to Bill Clinton because he too ran the economy off the road. Clinton left a surplus and Bush II spent it on Iraq. We gave our country’s wealth away in football-sized packages of bills to Iraqi strong men as payment for not fighting us.
When I talk to friends in Florida and North Carolina, most do not try to hide their disdain when speaking of Obama. They readily admit that they believe he is from Kenya (If you believe this to be true, have someone else read this article to you as the English language may be beyond your comprehension). They bring guns to the rallies to prove that they are ready to take back their country. I once heard a woman at one of the rallies say that she wanted her country back. In her country freedom had a color. I too want my country back. But, in my country we don’t long for the days when racism was the law of the land.
I listened for eight years as the Republican machine tried to use the same tactics on Bill Clinton. I cannot just sit by and watch a group of people try to rewrite history. By the way, how’s that “Shock and awe” thingy working out for you.

David Daniel Beckom
Mars Hill

Paul LePage: A real patriot

To the editor,
I see that the mainstream media in this state, including all of Maine’s largest daily newspapers, are doing everything they can to make it appear as though the wealthy liberal candidates for the Republican nomination for governor are favored and “frontrunners,” and that they get all the ink while the people’s choice, Paul LePage, is ignored.
Paul, general manager of Marden’s and mayor of Waterville, is a genuine conservative in every sense of the word — fiscally, socially, on his interpretation of original intent, gun rights, family values, state sovereignty v.v. the federal leviathan, etc. That has the Snowe/Collins/McKernan/Cohen/Rockefeller clique nervous as they can possibly be that a real patriot may wind up running Maine — finally pushing their liberal gravy train over the cliff where it belongs.
How odd is it that not a single major daily has mentioned — inexplicably — Paul was the runaway winner of the GOP straw polls conducted recently at every Maine caucus location. Indeed, Paul had 2.5 times the votes as the hand-picked Collins-machine candidate, Steve Abbott, and nearly as many votes as all the other seven candidates combined.
You’ll likely see more ads on TV, hear more ads on the radio, and see more ads in print for Poliquin, Abbott, Jacobsen, Otten, etc. … all very well-heeled types who would be very acceptable to the Maine GOP insiders that have turned our party into “Democrat Lite.” But you will most likely hear about Paul LePage via word of mouth, or by letters like this one in small, independent weekly newspapers. Paul LePage is not running his campaign on the “who can raise and spend the most money” paradigm, but on true principles. His runaway victory in the recent straw poll proves that his message is getting through — despite all the “rally-the-wagons” approaches the liberal Collins/Snowe Republicans can muster.
You can check out Paul on the radio archives, or visit his Web site at
This is going to be a great story to watch come the June primaries. It’s shaping up as the true Republicans (and the people’s) conservative candidate (Paul LePage,) against the Rockefeller Republicans (RINOs we also call them, i.e. “Republicans In Name Only”) and their slick/wealthy machine candidates that are lining up just to stop the LePage express. Keep an eye on this one folks!

Steve Martin


Community helps K of C
continue charitable works

To the editor:
The Fort Fairfield Knights of Columbus wish to thank all the merchants, individuals and businesses who donated items or services to our second annual charity auction held on April 7th. In excess of 200 items were auctioned by the very talented and professional Col. Bert Winslow.
We also wanted to thank the 100-plus people who attended the prime rib dinner and auction. Buyers came from Caribou, Limestone, Presque Isle, Easton and Fort Fairfield and were provided with an opportunity to bid on a variety of goods and services. Approximately $11,000 was raised which will allow the Knights of Columbus to continue its charitable works in the Special Olympics, Scholarship Funds, Knights-related events and to provide upgrades to the Council Hall.
The memorial brass eagle was purchased by the Sirois Family in memory of Scott Sirois, which will be displayed at the council hall in a prominent location. Our sincere thanks to the Sirois Family for their generous donation.

Mark Bourgoin, publicity director
Northern Maine Council 1753
Northern MaineAssembly 0350


PI girls a class act

To the editor:
On the weekend of March 27-28, the grades 5 and 6 girls’ basketball team showed class and heart when they gave the Kayla Bickford Tournament championship trophy back to the Stockton Springs Rockets. This made my husband, Greg Ireland, feel proud to say that he grew up in Presque Isle. Our girls, coaches, and Kayla’s parents were overwhelmed with emotion at the selfless act of the Presque Isle girls and coaches. The whole weekend was about celebrating the love Kayla had for basketball — this act of kindness was outstanding.
So on behalf of the Stockton Springs Recreation Department and the Kayla Bickford Memorial Tournament, thank you Presque Isle!

Erin L. Ireland


A lesson in democracy

To the editor:
The Ray Goding Post 88, American Legion, is collecting worn out flags that are no longer serviceable as we have scheduled a (dignified) flag burning ceremony June 12 at 10 a.m. with a “rain” date of June 19. This event will commence at the Post’s home, 365 Central Drive, and will include the participation of both our local Boy and Girl Scouts as well as other children’s organizations. The public is also invited.
For further information please contact me at 227-6367 or via e-mail

Jim Taubin,
Americanism officer


Walker welcomes pledges

To the editor:
Once again, I have made a commitment to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help raise money to find a cure for cystic fibrosis (CF) — a life-threatening genetic disease. I made this commitment because as you know my son has Cystic Fibrosis and I am walking in honor of him.
On May 15, 2010 I will be participating in the Great Strides Walk and raising money and awareness for the CF Foundation. As a participant, I have committed to raise $5,000.
I have a special request, I am asking you to help me meet this goal by making a contribution that will support the research and care programs of the CF Foundation and help find a cure for my son and 30,000 others like him who need our help. It’s important for you to know that the CF Foundation is a very efficient organization and that more than 88 cents of every dollar of revenue raised is used to support CF research, care and education.
Please consider making a donation, whatever you can afford. You may make your check payable to the “Cystic Fibrosis Foundation”, or (CFF). Contributions are 100 percent tax deductible. You can also donate online at
I sincerely appreciate your support and generosity in the past and I will keep you posted on my progress. Please join us at Riverside Park in Presque Isle on May 15 at 9:30 a.m.

Kathy Levesque

Standing up for the children

To the editor:
We are writing to show our support and appreciation to the members of the Maine State Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee. Recently the State of Maine has had to address budget shortfalls. The Governor’s Proposed Supplemental Budget outlined suggested changes to fiscal policy as well as changes as to how Medicaid Services would be funded. One proposed savings measure was to decrease MaineCare funding by 10 percent. We wish to thank the Health and Human Services Committee for recognizing the significant impact this proposed measure would have, specifically on mental health consumers in the State and the dedicated employees who provide services to them.
By opposing these proposed budget cuts, the Health and Human Services Committee showed their dedication to ensuring continuing care to those in need. Members of this committee to a stand for what they believed was right, and because of this they were able to ensure that Maine will continue to receive matching funds from the Federal government. We want to publicly thank members of this committee for their dedication to Maine’s children, their families, and those who are employed in the mental health field.

Angela Madde, LSW
Andrea Millett, LSW
Mary Reynolds
UM Grad School of Social Work