CAHS Honor Roll

14 years ago

    Central Aroostook Jr./Sr. High School Guidance Director, Sadie Shaw, has announced the fourth quarter honor roll for the 2009-10 school year; Bridgewater students making the honor list were:
    GRADE 7 – Highest Honors: Whitnie Bradbury. High Honors: Ethan Bradstreet and Carly Grass.
    GRADE 8 – Honors: Brittany Drost.
    GRADE 10 – Highest honors: Whitney Klein. High Honors: Abigail Perkins and Zechariah Sargent. Honors: Brandon Anthony.
    GRADE 11 – High honors: Taylor Bradbury. Honors: Gabrielle Brewer and Logan Brewer.
    GRADE 12 – Honors: Lauren Antworth.