Final race of summer sailing regatta

13 years ago

By Frank Bolton
Special to the Pioneer Times

    On Aug. 15, there was a stiff breeze and small whitecaps at the northern end of East Grand Lake, ideal for the final race of the Peter’s Cove Yacht Club 2010 Regatta. Quite a number of summers ago, a group of sailing aficionados banded together to form the club and hold a three-race regatta. At the end of this season, the number of boats had grown to 17 though not all boats compete in each race. The group conforms to all the requirements of the state regarding permits and safety requirements.
ImageContributed photograph
SAILING — Barry Parker of Forest City sails his Hobie Cat 16.  Last year, Parker’s previous boat snapped in half after the last race of the season.

    The final race had been scheduled for Saturday, the 14th but was postponed late Friday because the weather predicted slight breezes. The second race of the season, two weeks prior, had started off fine but the wind died down and ultimately, the race had to be cancelled because the boats were becalmed. The impact on the final result of the regatta was that there was no “throw away” race. Ordinarily, each skipper can choose his two best times, throwing away one race. The winners are determined using the Portsmouth yardstick method for handicapping different classes of sailboats. Although that second race was cancelled, there was still a hot dog roast on Halfmoon Island, sponsored by CLIC (the Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy), prior to that race. That event is open to all, CLIC members or not.
    The season final results based on handicapped scores overall, by boat and skipper, are first, Hobie 14, Hillman; second, Aquarius 23, Bob Ellis; third, Lightning, LaPointe; fourth, Hobie 16, Parker; fifth, Rhodes 19, Fagnant; sixth, Skimmer, Sussman; seventh, Laser, Phipps; and eighth, Catalina, D. McGillicuddy.
    In addition, eight boats were incomplete for one reason or another. Watkins 23/Hobie 16, Clark; Moscow, Callnan; Hobie 16, Foster; Beneteau, M. Clark; Spindrift, Anderson; Javelin, J. Quebec; and Day Sailer, Bennett.
    Overall finishes by boat type: Multihull, first, Hillman and second, Parker; Keel, first, Ellis; second, Sussman and third, McGillicuddy; and Centerboard, first, LaPointe; second, Fagnant and third, Phipps.
    In addition to the races, there are several social events each year in conjunction with the regatta. Usually, the season ends with a potluck summer and the awarding of prizes to participants. If anyone is interested in participating in the regatta next summer, they should get in touch with Paul LaPointe at  532-0119.