Pet Talk

13 years ago

    As I walk around the neighborhood, I occasionally hear this comment “I am so glad to see you doing that, not everybody does that”. Occasionally a car will drive by, honk, and give me a  thumbs-up. No, I’m not handing out dollar bills, or helping old ladies across the street (I am an old lady, that would look a little silly now, wouldn’t it). I am picking up after my dog.
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John and Dawn Gibson Jr from Georgetown, Del.  drove 14 hours to their camp site in Shin Pond and then drove to the Houlton Humane Society animal shelter to drop off a donation of several gift baskets to use for raffles to help raise money for the shelter. They also donated towels, office supplies and gifts for the volunteers. This is the fourth year that the Gibsons have made such donations to the Shelter.

    My dog Scruffy (yes, we finally settled on a name) needs a long leisurely walk to get him into the “mood” so we are often seen walking down Court Street or through town. I keep a pocket full of little bags and when the spirit moves him, I pick up after him.  Simple as that. Is it a tad embarrassing to walk around town with a bag full of doggie poo? Not really, it would be more embarrassing to stand and watch your dog soil a public sidewalk and then just keep going. How do people do that? Do they think the rest of us want to walk in that?
    So I challenge you to join the poo brigade. You don’t have to buy a box of fancy disposal bags, any bag will do, and just keep in mind that it’s the right thing to do. What if the next person coming down the road is a three year old, hand in hand with mommy, who decides to reach down and pick up something from the sidewalk. Do the right thing, clean up after your pooch, or keep him in your own yard.
    If you don’t have a dog right now and would like to have one, have we got a deal for you. We have some very beautiful dogs available for adoption at the shelter. We are helping out some other shelters that helped us when we were in need not too long ago and we have a gorgeous shepherd/husky mix male. He’s about 6 years old but still has the get up and go of a puppy. He needs to be neutered and could use a little training, but he has a wonderful personality. He doesn’t like other dogs much so he would want to be an “only child” in your home.
    We have a chow mix – boy is he a big dog. I bet he goes 100 pounds or more. Holy smokes he must like to eat! And he’s just a love, looking for the right home.
    We have a huge purebred Saint Bernard, you don’t see many of those in the shelter very often!  He’s 4- years-old, and very laid back and loving.
    We have a nice calm 4-year-old black lab mix and a 3-year-old Rottweiler. The rotti doesn’t like other animals and she’s not good with small kids.
    We’ve had another exciting week at the shelter. In just one day seven cats and a dog were adopted but the very next day 12 cats came in, so we really have to work hard to stay ahead of things. It’s so sad when you get a litter of kittens that was found in a gopher hole with no mother, or when another mother has a litter, but has no physical equipment to feed them so the staff has to bottle feed, or when you get animals in that have been injured. But we have such wonderful employees and volunteers who work so hard for these animals and it’s just a pure celebration every time one is adopted.
    Whether you have an animal or a lot of animals, or even if you can’t have any animals because you rent but you love them anyway, you might want to help the shelter by supporting the upcoming fundraiser, which is Sept. 11 in Monument Park.  We are so delighted to have so many participating bands provide all day music. The car show is going to be incredible, and we will be there rain or shine, having the time of our lives, and doing it all for the animals. 
    Come have fun with us. Come help us Rock the Doghouse!