Patio project under way at Aroostook Health Center

14 years ago

Patio project under way

at Aroostook Health Center


by Tomi Henderson

    The Mars Hill Rotary Club met on Tuesday morning, Sept. 21, at 6:30 at the Aroostook Health Center. The special speakers were Joy Barresi Saucier and Steve Poitras of The Aroostook Medical Center. 

    Joy, vice president of organizational advancement, spoke about the five pillars of Excellence at TAMC: Service, Growth, Finance, Quality and People. She explained each of the pillars and spoke about what TAMC does for each of the communities served by their organization.
    Steve, senior vice president of plant operation and risk management, spoke about the operation of the facilities and about the new patio project currently under way at the Aroostook Health Center in memory of Gloria Adelman. Facing the mountain, this new sunroom will provide the residents with a beautiful area to sit and enjoy the views.

Where in the USA is Ray?

    Ray and Judy Mersereau enjoyed a few days in Las Vegas, walking the strip and viewing all the fabulous architecture used on the different buildings and casinos. They weren’t able to see all the casinos, but especially enjoyed New York, NH, MGM, Circus Circus and The Paris Experience. The one show they attended — “The Price is Right” — was a little disappointing, even though they had front-row seats. Maybe we’ll see them when the show airs!

    They decided to take a helicopter tour and were lucky enough to have seats right beside the pilot. They enjoyed the flight with three girls from New Zealand and one from Germany. They flew over the Grand Canyon, Lake Meade and the Hoover Dam. The scenery was awesome, but the thrill of looking down from an altitude of 1,500 feet, added to the 2,000 foot drop into the Grand Canyon, was beyond words! Although they were flying at a speed of 150 mph, it seemed like they were standing still. Judy had the camera and took over 150 pictures of the canyon. Unfortunately, a bug had gotten inside the camera and put a shadow on every picture!
    Sunday, Sept. 19, they bought a new camera and drove to Williams, Ariz. The next day they drove to the park and enjoyed the Grand Canyon from another perspective, eating a picnic lunch on the canyon’s edge with a few squirrels for company.
    Tuesday they drove to the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert. The petrified wood was beautiful and they enjoyed watching a video telling how the wood was formed. The Painted Desert was almost beyond description. They drove for 20 miles, and each turn in the road opened up views that were more beautiful than the last. The colors were amazing, with layers of red, white, orange, yellow and purple. Pictures are wonderful but can’t begin to capture the vastness of the desert or the colors.
    Wednesday was a rainy day, so they drove 325 miles to Tucumancari, N.M., near the Texas Panhandle. They haven’t decided on their next leg, but will probably head for either Tennessee or Florida. We’ll have to wait to see where the happy travelers head next! They have traveled over 8,000 miles so far.

Photo courtesy of Tomi Henderson

    CALIFORNIA DREAMING — Ray and Judy Mersereau, of Mars Hill, pose with the Hollywood sign in the background on their tour around Beverly Hills recently.

Tomi’s travels

    My daughter, grandson and I left Maine on Saturday, Sept. 18, and have spent time with friends and family in Connecticut and Maryland. We drove by the site of the Twin Towers in New York but couldn’t see much because of the fences. I have to give Tara — my daughter — some credit, she drove through city traffic like a pro, although it isn’t high on her list of experiences to repeat!
    We went to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, traveling to the city on a boat tour from Alexandria, Va. We got off the boat and walked to the White House and the Smithsonian. We spent the day with Deniz, the girl from Turkey that lived with us until she graduated from high school. We had a wonderful day, although my feet will not soon forgive me! The subway ride back to Alexandria was also an experience — especially as it was rush hour!! 
    Thursday was spent with family and Friday’s plans included seeing the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum near the airport. We’ll then continue south toward Orlando, with plans to meet up with my son and his family on Saturday afternoon.
    We’re having a wonderful time so far, with more adventures to come.  

Craft fair planned

    The annual Blaine Craft Fair, sponsored by St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, will be held on Saturday, Nov. 6, at 9 a.m. at the Mars Hill and Blaine Community Center. Anyone interested in participating in the craft fair is asked to contact Cherry at 429-9892. Any organization selling baked goods is also welcome.


Westfield Jubilee

Photos courtesy of Tomi Henderson

    Pony rides were enjoyed by the kids during the Westfield Jubilee on Saturday, Aug. 28. Showing how to saddle a short white pony named Daddy was Jerard Turcotte of Woodland. 



    WILDCATS CHEER — The Presque Isle Wildcat cheerleaders took part in the Westfield Jubilee on Saturday, Aug. 28. They took part in the parade before selling T-shirts and custom cheering bows. They also held stunting demonstrations. Members of the squad include, in no particular order: Captains Julea Gorneault and Michaela Powers (Teen Miss Potato Queen), Manager Stephanie Therrien, Brittany Good, Kelsey Buck, Bonnie Zeng, Paige Doyen, Allissa McDougal, Mary Green, Amanda Bagley, Gabby McCrum, Megan Byers (Miss Teen Northern Maine), Kelsey Corriveau, Kenedy Jarvis, Desiree Ouellette, Justena Cleveland, Kelsie Spooner, Katelyn Michaud, Hannah Stoutamyer and Elena Ford (Jr Miss Potato Queen). Absent from the picture is Courtney Lyford.


    Tomi Henderson is the correspondent for Mars Hill, Blaine, Bridgewater and Westfield. She can be reached at 429-9126 or e-mail