14 years ago

My name is “Miss Kitty” and I am in a purrdictament.


BS-PIHS TRUMPETERS-DCX-SH-01My caretaker is 87 in human years and going into a boarding home in January. I’ve lived with her for 9 years. It’s kind of scary for me because she’s the only family I’ve had.

I don’t live with other kitties or dogs so I would probably do best in a home by myself and one or two older humans.

I am an indoor only kitty. I am very healthy and I’m declawed.

If you would like to meet me please call my friend Mary (564-8092 evenings). She said there would be no adoption fee because she just wants a forever home for me. You may be asked for a reference.

Spaying companion animals helps to reduce or eliminate abandonment.