‘Freezin’ Falcons’ prepare for icy polar plunge

13 years ago

‘Freezin’ Falcons’

prepare for icy polar plunge

PRESQUE ISLE — A team of Northern Maine Community College students and employees is turning to the Aroostook County community to help raise funds for a good cause as they prepare to take their annual “polar dip” off the coast of Maine Friday.

The NMCC group, appropriately named the “Freezin’ Falcons” to honor the school’s mascot, will be led by Dr. William Egeler, dean of students and a veteran of past polar dips. Egeler and his team of students, faculty and staff will consist both of members who will enter the water and others who will serve as “towelers” and watch out for the dippers during and after the swim.

The “Freezin’ Falcons” will travel to Pleasant Point on the coast of downeast Maine Feb. 4 to take a “polar dip” into the frigid Atlantic Ocean. This annual event, featuring around 100 dippers from colleges and universities in both Maine and New Brunswick, supports Maine’s Ronald McDonald House charity.

“The services provided by the Ronald McDonald House to the people of Maine, and especially to the people of Aroostook County, are vital. I am pleased to participate in an activity, alongside students and employees from NMCC, that will benefit so many individuals in such a profound way,” said Egeler. “Community service activities such as this not only benefit the intended recipients of the service; all who participate benefit.”

The Washington County Community College Student Senate sponsors the annual event, which has raised more than $130,000 since it was first held in 2000.

“The goal is to raise as much money as possible,” said Egeler. “You don’t have to look very far to find someone in Aroostook County who has benefited directly from the Ronald McDonald House.”

To support the efforts of the NMCC polar dip team and contribute to the Ronald McDonald House of Maine, individuals are asked to forward donations to the NMCC Student Affairs Office, 33 Edgemont Drive, Presque Isle, Maine 04769. For more information on the polar dip, contact Egeler at (207) 768-2792.