Hospitals announce local births

13 years ago

The Houlton Regional Hospital announces the following births.
COOK — A son, Silas Thomas Cook, born to Asa and Sarah Cook of Bridgewater, on May 30, 2011.
FLEWELLING — A son, Aiden Paul Flewelling, born to Justin and Melissa Flewelling of Houlton, on June 2, 2011.
    GEARY — A daughter, Olivia Sue Geary, born to Clyde Geary and Courtney Farrar of Amity, on June 2, 2011; joining big brother Hunter O. Farrar.
CULLEN — A daughter, Quinn Makayla Cullen, born to Nick and Katie Cullen of Island Falls, on June 4, 2011.
Miles Memorial Hospital in Damariscotta announces the following birth.
BIGONIA — A girl, Helena Bee Qualey Bigonia, born to Erica Qualey and Jason Bigonia of Newcastle, on June 2, 2011.
The following birth was recently announced at Cary Medical Center in Caribou
MACARTHUR — a boy, William Michael MacArthur, born to Rebecca Lynn Small of Monticello and Robert Michael MacArthur of Houlton on February 27, 2011.
CURRY — A girl, Scarlet Carolyn Curry, born May 29, 2011, to Stacy and Regan Curry of Merrill.