Bridge to Hope walk raises $5,879

13 years ago

The annual Bridge to Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Walk was held Saturday with record-breaking numbers of walkers.
“I was blown away with the participation this year,” said Kim Folsom, co-organizer of the event.
The walk has generated $18,360 over the last five years for breast cancer initiatives. Last year, despite poor weather conditions, the walk raised $5,879, which was donated to the Health Services Foundation’s digital mammography campaign.
    This year, 165 walkers braved the wind and rain, raising again, more than $5,000, including $1,400 brought in on the raffle.
“The weather at the time of the walk may not have been the best, but we didn’t hear one complaint,” Folsom said. “We have to remember that during the “cancer fight” it continues sun, wind, rain, sleet or snow.”

In addition to raising money for research, proceeds from the walk have also been used by local individuals suffering from cancer. Scholarships have also been given to high school students with some of the funds raised.
“I had one of the organizers tell me that she wishes she didn’t know me because if I had never fought the fight she would not have met me,” said Folsom. “But after Saturday’s walk, I feel that I have been blessed to have fought the fight to become part of such a wonderful organization that does such great things for the community.”