Protect your vehicle, travel safely this winter

13 years ago

(ARA) — As cooler temperatures arrive, so does the opportunity to prepare your vehicles for winter driving conditions. Although you may not want to think the warm weather is behind you, taking time now to prepare and protect vehicles can save significant time, money and hassle later. A few tips for vehicle winterization and safe travels this season:
Clear vision: Having full view of what’s ahead and behind your vehicle at all times is vital, so be sure to check your windshield wiper blades and washer fluid before winter precipitation hits. For colder climates where you may experience ice or frost, you may want to keep a bottle of de-icing windshield spray handy. Simply spray your icy windshield with the fluid, turn on your vehicle defroster and your windows will clear quickly and easily.
Auto armor: Did you know that within 30 days, a small scratch or nick in a vehicle’s paint finish can rust? Add some freezing temperatures and a small problem can quickly escalate to a larger, more expensive one. Luckily, fixing scratches is quick, easy and affordable, thanks to products such as Dupli-Color’s Scratch Fix 2in1 touch-up paint. Available in thousands of colors to perfectly match your vehicle’s paint, and featuring a patented applicator for precision and control, anyone can achieve professional looking results that will repair and protect your vehicle’s appearance … and help you avoid an ugly problem next spring.
Tired out: One of the most important aspects of winterization is ensuring you have a safe grip on the road. Like the soles of shoes that prevent you from slipping, quality tires help keep your vehicle securely on the road, especially in slippery rain or snow conditions. Checking tire tread and pressure is important to ensure you have optimal traction. If you live in a particularly snow-prone or rural area, you might also consider buying snow tires and/or chains.
Engine protection: Extreme temperatures can cause major issues in a vehicle’s engine, so testing your coolant system before winter is very important. Checking the level and concentration of anti-freeze in your vehicle could save you costly engine repair and should be done twice every year. Choose an extended life coolant for ultimate protection, which can be used in nearly any year, make or model vehicle worldwide.
Travel prepared: In case something does happen to your vehicle this winter and you’re stranded for an extended period of time, it’s important to keep a few essential items on board. Assemble an emergency kit containing a blanket, gloves, ice scraper, flares, flashlight, jumper cables and basic first aid items. Make sure to also carry a cell phone when you travel, particularly if bad weather is expected.
With a few simple steps, you can feel safe and secure for the cooler temperatures ahead.
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