1911: Storm dumps 10 inches

13 years ago

115 Years Ago: Nov. 12, 1896

• M.A. Frost was driving along the Perham Road, near Salmon Brook, last Thursday. He was looking down when his horse suddenly stopped. Glancing up, Mr. Frost beholds a large bull moose standing in the road, about ten rods distant. The animal did not appear in the least afraid and after standing several seconds, slowly walked away from the road and disappeared in the forest.

• Potatoes are at 75 cents per barrel.

• More than 800 tons of starch has been manufactured in Caribou this fall.

• During the month of October 1,029 deer, 79 moose and 57 Caribou were shipped from the different station along the line of the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad.

100 Years Ago: Nov. 16, 1911

• A heavy rain fell Sunday night, one of the heaviest of the season, and did a vast amount of good. Monday the weather changed rapidly for the colder and at night the roads were frozen solid again.

• The snowstorm which began early Wednesday morning continued until night, about 10 inches of the ‘beautiful’ have fallen. It was a good one for the first installment of winter.

• Potatoes are at $1.95 per barrel.

• It is understood that several parties from Caribou expect to leave the first of December for California where they will spend the winter. Among those whom we have heard as intending to go are Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Hardison, Mr. and Mrs. L.N. Berce, Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Farrell and Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Shaw.

• Nathan Currier and David Patee are on a hunting trip to Perham.

75 Years Ago: Nov. 12, 1936

• The big transport plane of the Island Crop Dusting Corporation left Caribou Saturday forenoon about 11 o’clock for a weekend trip to New York. This tour is now a regular one with this concern and each week will see a party taking off for the big city.

• Philip M. Grant, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grant, a freshman at Colby College, has recently been pledged to the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity.

• Sterling E. Shaw and O.J. Thibodeau of the Caribou Motor Co., returned Tuesday from Detroit, where they attended the Ford dealers’ meeting. While away they saw the pre-showing of the 1937 Ford cars.

• John Swenson, Robert Westman, Ernest Anderson, Edmund Espling and Ernest Lindberg, all of New Sweden, have had had electric lights installed in their homes recently.

• Mrs. Evelyn Bonney returned Wednesday night from Boston where she has been visiting the markets for her millinery shop.

50 Years Ago: Nov. 16, 1961

• About 160 hunters, wives, and friends from surrounding towns attended the hunter’s breakfast, sponsored by Sportsmen Inc. at the lodge in Axel Siding. Accordion and harmonic music was furnished by Jim Johnson, assisted by Hartford Holmquist of New Swewden and Fritjof Jacobson of Westmanland.

• Upsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority held a special meeting at Hotel Caribou for rituals. The Pledge Ritual was conducted by the president, Mrs. Forest Ayer, and vice president, Mrs. Charles Agte, for the new pledges, Mrs. Malcolm Ingraham of Limestone and Mesdames John Phelan, Michael O’Donnell, Theodore Thibodeau and Eldon Churchill of town.