Dreams can happen

12 years ago
Rebecca Harper

By Rebecca Harper
LCS-Grade 11

If you dream big about something it can happen, if you try hard enough. Your dreams can determine your whole future, especially how you act upon them.

One of my dreams is to go to college and get my RN, then later go to school and become a midwife. I wanted to get a jumpstart on college so I decided to take college classes at NMCC. Even though I passed the test they provided me with, the spot was already filled for the class I wanted to take. I didn’t give up on my dream to take this class, so I decided to see if there was an opening in another school, and there was. I was happy I got accepted to take the class. I’m also happy I never gave up on my dreams because I wouldn’t be where I am today.

In the book “Slumming”, Alicia, Sam and Nikki all had a plan to choose one person that was from a lower class than they were, and make them more popular. When they all chose their “subjects”, they started to drift apart as friends. They all failed their plan in the end. Even though they failed, they all learned something about themselves and the people they were trying to change. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and not everyone’s the same. People deal with different thngs at home and in life than others. They all might have failed their plans, but their dream of changing someone and getting to know other kinds of people did happen…even if the person they changed was themselves.

Lastly, dream big. If your dreams get knocked down, stand back up and keep trying. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side and you’ll always have rough spots in life… that’s just to prove that you’re strong enough to push through it, and conquer your dreams.