Listen, study and set a good example

12 years ago
Emily Everitt

By Emily Everitt
Grade 5, LCS

There are many ways to be successful in school. You have to pay attention in class, study and set a good example. These things will help you get good grades, and do well on tests. Here are some tips on how to do it.

To pay attention in class you have to really listen to what the teacher is saying. There’s hearing and then there’s listening. Hearing is just getting some points of it, but not paying attention. Listening is getting the whole conversation and trying really hard to understand. You should take notes in class and always try to ask many questions. If you don’t understand something, and don’t ask a question, you may do poorly on a worksheet given, or a test. Make sure to ask about anything you don’t understand.

The next thing to do is study. Study some of the things you don’t understand, and you might understand them after a while. Take your books home and review the lessons from that day in every class just to make sure you understand them. Practice your math, typing, French, do your homework and anything else you have to work on. You could invite friends over and have a study group. Then you are all ready for tests, and caught up in work, and you may understand all the things that you didn’t understand before.

The last thing to do to be successful in school is set a good example for everyone in your class. Get all your work done and check it over to make sure it is all right. Also, be a good influence. If you have someone who sasses the teacher in your class, show them how to act. Sit up straight in your chair, do your work neatly and quietly, and don’t talk in class. You could also help them on their work. Don’t give them the answers. Just help them find the answers. You can explain to them how to find the answer, or explain the problem to them. If you do all these things, you and all your friends that you help will get good grades in school. Good grades are A’s and B’s. Anything lower you need to bring up. If you get good grades, you will get honors, get recommended to Gifted and Talented, or a variety of other great rewards. It may not be easy, but you can do it.