The Dawn F. Barnes School

12 years ago
Kayla Martin & Cassidy Moore, Grade 4, Caswell

By Kayla Martin and Cassidy Moore
Grade 4, Caswell

Dawn F. Barnes Elementary School has changed since the last you’ve heard it from Matthew Martin.

This has been a school for the past 38 years. It was made in 1973. The school that was before this school was up at the Radar site where the people that own the Radar work now.

The first-ever principal to be at this school was Dawn F. Barnes, to be exact. The school has pre-k through eighth grade. It is located at 1025 Van Buren Road, Caswell, Maine. This year at the Caswell school we have a new principal and we would like to introduce her to you … Mrs. Davenport, otherwise known as Krystina Davenport.

There are a few new teachers this year, actually or they just swapped spots because someone retired or quit or anything really. Mrs. Davenport is the principal and she also teaches fourth and fifth grade and all math classes from fourth grade and up. Then there is Mr. O’Neal, otherwise known as Ryan O’Neal and he took Mr. Hartman’s place because Mr. Hartman retired. Mr. O’Neal teaches sixth through eighth grade and science and social studies from fourth grade up. Then there is Mrs. Blanchette, otherwise knows as Debbie Blanchette, and she teaches second through third grade and music. Then last but not least we have Mrs. Brissette, otherwise known as Brandy Brissette and she teaches pre-k through first grade.

We also have some Dawn F. Barnes Elementary special ed teachers, new and old. They are Roberta Hathaway, Melanie Hancock and Nancy Martin. There are some people who are not here any more. Mr. Hartman retired, but we still miss him deeply, plus Mrs. Todd, she helped us with reading, so she was paid with grant money, but the grant money stopped so she left. There was also a lady named Ms. Tilly and she helped with everything. Miss Tilly went to a different school in 2010-11. Then again we also know that there used to be an old cook named Mrs. St. Pierre or Grandma and Jean. She left in 2009-10. That is our article about Dawn F. Barnes for this year.