The path of a future obstetrician

12 years ago

By Shania Bell

Shania Bell

Grade 8, LCS

Career Choice in life. When I become older I want to be an obstetrician. An obstetrician is an RN. They deliver babies. I want to become an obstetrician, because I think that delivering babies is pretty cool. I want to become an RN as soon as I get out of high school. I’m going to take classes to be one in high school, and once I’m done high school I’m going right to college.

When I’m in my classes learning more about what an obstetrician does, I’m going to have to pay attention. I will have to pay attention to my teachers in high school and college. When I do become an obstetrician, I have to pay attention to my doctors so I understand what to do.

I want to stay around this area. I want to stay around here, because I’m growing up here and a lot of my family live here.

I would have to work a lot of hours, but I would get paid good money. With less than one year of experience the salary is $135,000. The median salary with five to nine years of experience is $197,334, and people with 20 years or more experience have a median salary of $243,671. It takes eight years of college to become an obstetrician.

Being an obstetrician can help the future, because if there is nobody to deliver babies than what are we supposed to do. I think that if I want to be an obstetrician, it could really help my future. If no one goes to school to be an obstetrician anymore, then we are going to have to take other doctors. What if someone else is in dying need and needs their doctor? We can’t do anything, because that doctor is delivering babies.