What Kids Say

12 years ago

Scott Mitchell Johnson talked to students at Mapleton Elementary School

“If you could create your own vehicle, what would it look like?”

 Mason Oakes
Age: 5

“It would look like a police car and it would have a siren and stuff.

The wheels would be fast in case there was a bad guy.

The trunk would be kind of big to hold a lot of stuff …handcuffs, those shocker things that you shock bad guys with in case they are being bad. I like policemen because they’re cool and they have cool cars.”


Taylor Doyen
Age: 6
First grade

“It would probably be a blue car with gray velvet seats. I would probably put a radio in it. I would put a food thing in so you could push a button and spell the word of whatever you wanted and it would come out. I would probably spell spaghetti or pizza.”


Clay Gregg
Age: 8
Second grade

“It would probably bea 2012 truck.It would be medium-size and would be red, white and blue … American colors. It should have four-wheel drive so it would help if you’re going in the mud or snow. It should also have a radio because some people like listening to music and going. I do.”


Brady Miller
Age: 9
Third grade

“I’d want it to be a black car with red flames and the inside would have a flaming steering wheel and it could go up to 100 mph.

It would be able to drive by itself.”


Joshua Raymond
Age: 10
Fourth grade

“On the inside it would have a built-in, digital GPS and there would be a touchscreen music system. It would be a red car with blue flames on the doors.

It would also have a mini-fridge in the back so if I ever got hungry I could have a snack.”


Carson Jalbert
Age: 11
Fifth grade

“It would be a white Mustang with purple flames.

It would be fast and I like the colors.

It would also have a big TV in it.”