Willette’s moves to larger facility

12 years ago

Willette’s moves to larger facility

By Jon Gulliver

Staff Writer

    PRESQUE ISLE — A longtime business, near the five-way intersection of State, Exchange, Parsons, Dyer and Mechanic streets, has moved a few miles away into a brand new building.

Staff photo/Jon Gulliver

    NEW SHOP — Willette’s Automotive has moved into a new facility on Skyway Drive. After 10 years of renting, Jeff Willette decided to build his own garage. Willette has been operating out of the new building since Jan. 1.   bu-willettes-dc-sh-16

    Willette’s Automotive moved into the facility on Skyway Street on January 1 after 10 years at its old location.

    Owner Jeff Willette said the reasons for the move are plenty.

    “The benefits are square footage, efficiency, cleanliness and the customers really like it,” he said.

    Another big plus for Willette is, this is his building — no more renting.

    “Ever since I started my own auto repair business it was my dream to own and operate my own place,” Willette said. “It’s more affordable than paying rent. The rental thing had run its course. We had the land and had been clearing the lot for a while. I have many, many hours in time wrapped up in planning and constructing this place. This is something we have had in the works for about five years.”

    Willette was able to put together the financing and received assistance from the city of Presque Isle development fund to allow the project to move forward.

    The shop is adjacent to his home so his commute to work is a short one.

    “It’s convenient having a business right next to my home,” he said. “If I need to I can come over after supper or early in the morning, or whenever, to get some work done.”

    The State Street location did have the positive of being near a busy intersection, increasing the businesses visibility, but that isn’t a concern for Willette.

    “I have probably the best customer base anyone can ask for in this area,” he said. “I appreciate each and every customer that walks through that door.”

    Willette’s Automotive is open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The phone number is 764-0251.