Zero tolerance hits hard

12 years ago

By Barbara Scott
Staff Writer

“We have hit the deck running,” confirmed Caribou Police Chief Michael Gahagan speaking in regard to the Youth Access to Alcohol program, actively being enforced by law enforcement agencies throughout the County “All of the departments are operating on a zero tolerance basis,” he added.

Chief Gahagan stated, “Over this past weekend we (CPD) charged 10 underage youths with possession of alcohol and one 21-year old individual was charged with furnishing a place for youth consumption of alcohol.”

Gahagan said parents, who were going to be away over the weekend had contacted the police department, requesting that officers check their residence. “These parents were responsible and concerned enough to ask us to check on their home — that’s what we want. We want parents of youth to feel safe about this type of possible activity when they are away from home.”

Chief Gahagan also stated that through the Youth Access to Alcohol Program retailers will continued to be monitored and held responsible for the sale alcohol to minors.