Katahdin Middle/High School

12 years ago

    Katahdin Middle-High School third quarter honor roll for 2011-12.
    GRADE 7 – High Honors: Erin Robinson. Honors: Erin Buhler, Emily Knowles and Cassidy Quint.
    GRADE 8 – High Honors: Tyson Porter and Sophie Vetter. Honors: Molly Cunningham, Bradley Mitchell, Gwendolyn Parsons and Courtney Stevens.
    GRADE 9 – High Honors: Megan Baker, Caleb Cullen, Mariah Farrington and Cole Lane. Honors: Jacob Buhler, Devon Irish, Katelyn Irish, Kassadi Moore and Dakota Pettegrow.
    GRADE 10 – High Honors: Matthew Cunha. Honors: Hannah Buhler, Kami Guiggey, Elizabeth Knowles, Morgan Livezey, Maryssa McDonald, Cathleen Noyes and MacKenzie Roy.
    GRADE 11 – High Honors: Travis Gallagher. Honors: Salvador Cloukey, Megan Merry, Makayla Patterson, Patrick Pettegrow and Cole Porter.
    GRADE 12 –High Honors: Nicholas Pettegrow. Honors: Cordell Guptill, Noah Nattress and Sonja Williams.